Pony’s Nails Were so Long He Couldn’t Walk

Published on October 10, 2019

Cold-hearted to Slightly Warmer

Polly wasn’t the only animal that had been neglected.
Finally, the owner realized he could not take care of his animals and requested assistance from an animal welfare group called Animaux en Péril. The rescuers came to the pony’s aid, as well as a malnourished horse for safety. The rescuers onsite that day were overwhelmed at the sight of the pony. It broke their hearts because the poor animal could barely walk, let alone run and play like ponies should do. They had a big job ahead of them.

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Sad Day at the Sanctuary

Rescuers Were Shocked

The horse and pony were quite emaciated, so the rescuers
were very stunned. Both animals were standing in large piles of manure, over two feet. Plus, they were incredibly skinny, and the local vet worried they could die. Both animals had a body condition of 1 with a five-point scale. Generally, an animal can’t get that low of a score and still be alive.
It’s called Cachexia, which means excessive leanness. When it comes to that
point, the animal’s body is eating itself to keep it alive.


No Horse Should Be That Skinny

No Horse Should Be That Skinny